What our privacy policy is:

This privacy policy applies to the domain plastibuilds.com and any other subdomain relating to plastibuilds.com, official plastibuilds staff members are able to change this policy at any time and it is the responsibility of you (the user) to check back reguarly to see if any changes have occured.

Why we store your email:

Here at Plastibuilds we request your email for the purposes of account security and to potentially email you in need of an emergency, events such as these include but are not limited to:
-Proving to us you own the email associated with your account in the event of it being compromised.
-Us (the plastibuilds team) being able to email you for reasons pertaining to plastibuilds or plastibuilds related services.
-and potentially more

Why we store your birthdate:

Plastibuilds.com is a website exclusively designed and intended for people 13 or older, users under 13 will not be allowed to make an account, in the event a user under 13 makes an account by lying about their birthdate, they will be terminated if caught while they are still under 13.


Plastibuilds uses cookies to assist with storing and using user data, you can find more information about this in our cookie policy (https://plastibuilds.com/cookie_policy)

Third Parties:

Plastibuilds uses third-party services such as reCAPTCHA (specifically reCAPTCHA V2, Checkbox) (for robot detection), corsproxy.io (for making calls from our client to our website), Google Anaylitics (for Anaylitics), and Hostinger (for hosting)
Please read these links for more information:
Corsproxy.io: https://corsproxy.io/
reCAPTCHA and Google Anaylitics are both run by Google, please check Google's privacy policy: policies.google.com/privacy
Hostinger's Privacy Policy: https://www.hostinger.com/legal/privacy-policy

Hostinger: Plastibuilds.com as previously mentioned, uses Hostinger for hosting services, here is some more information on Hostiner that could pertain to your privacy:
Hostinger may use third-party services for hosting and analytics. It is advisable to review Hostinger's privacy policy for information about these third-party services.
Hostinger retains data collected through hosting services for a limited period necessary for the purposes outlined in this policy. The exact retention period may vary based on Hostinger's policies.
Your IP address is not directly stored in the Plastibuilds database, Hostinger only provides an overview of which IP addresses have accessed what pages, when, what country your IP address is from, and what device you have been browsing the website on, as well as some other data that is not personal to the user such as response times.

Your IP address will never be intentionally leaked to others by Plastibuilds, it is our goal to keep all users safe and keep their information private, we will only use data such as your IP address, country, and device for analytical reasons and potentially moderation reasons (such as IP bans).
For more information please read Hostinger's Privacy Policy: https://www.hostinger.com/legal/privacy-policy

Your password:

It is important that when registering to Plastibuilds.com (creating an account) you choose a secure password for your account. When storing your password we encrypt it to prevent others from being able to identify your password through our stored data.


When making a donation to Plastibuilds we like to keep everything in order, this includes storing how much you have donated, when, and if it was redeemed, we do NOT store any information such as your credit card number, security code, banking details, and similar peices of data.

Government Requests:

In the event that any law enforcement agency or figure requires user data from Plastibuilds, we will be obliged to give them the information they require.

In the event of being ordered by a court of law to share user data, we (plastibuilds) will also be obliged to comply with the order and share said user data.

User Requests:

We store user data for aslong as we (plastibuilds) need to provide the required services to you (the user) or to comply with any reasons mentioned priorly in the government requests section of our privacy policy.

To have any personal data wiped from your account you can email plastibuilds@plastibuilds.com to submit a request to have your personal data wiped from your account, once this request is submitted it can not be undone and you will no longer be able to access your account, the account in question will also be "banned" (denied services)

Device information:

Plastibuilds.com may use information about your screen size and browser to provide an optimal experience.

For support, questions, or inquiries relating to the above, you can email our support email: plastibuilds@plastibuilds.com

Put into effect on: July 13th, 2023

Last updated on: November 18th, 2023

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