By using the website you (the user) are agreeing to uphold the rules and guidelines mentioned here (our terms of service)

Section 1: User Infractions

You (the user) can be banned (denied services) for a temporary set of time forever, or have your account deleted if deemed needed by our staff team, in the event of any of these scenarios you (the user) will not be compensated with digital or physical objects or goods.

Section 1.1

Furthermore, in the event of you (the user) being banned or denied services from any virtual items (cosmetics such as hats, holdables, shirts, pants, bases, and more) as well as our digital currency (Plastibucks) will not be transfered to another account.

Section 2: User Behavior

You (the user) are agreeing to treat other users with respect, not use vulgar language, slurs, and obscenities anywhere on our services such as but not limited to, usernames, item names, item descriptions, game titles, game descriptions, forum post titles, forum post replies, forum post content, and more.

Section 3: Infringement of works

When uploading assets to the website you (the user) are responsible for making sure that you are not infringing on the works of others, this goes for works such as but not limited to: images, assets made by other users, and more.
Plastibuilds is not liable for the deletion of any of your (the user's) ingame or onsite works if you are found in violation of any protections of the works of others.

Section 4: Impersonation

If you (the user) are found impersonating other users or staff then you may be denied services to our platform in the same ways mentioned in Section 1, examples of impersonation includes but are not limited to claiming to be someone else onsite or in game, claiming to work for Plastibuilds, and lying to other users with malichous intent, and more.

Section 5: Bans

In the event that you (the user) are banned or denied services on Plastibuilds then the Plastibuilds staff team reserves the right to ban or delete any new accounts you (the user) register onto our site ( at any time, this includes but is not limited to evading temporary bans and making a new account after the deletion or termination of your account by a staff member (past or present).

Section 5.1

If you (the user) receive a termination or account deletion on as further punishment you will also receive a ban from the Plastibuilds Discord Server (a 3rd party service that is not hosted by or associated with the website.)

Section 6: Modifications

If you (the user) modify or obtain modified versions of our in game or onsite code then the Plastibuilds staff team reserve the right to ban (deny services) you from, this includes but is not limited too: modifying our website and client code through injections, inspect element, and more. Actions of modifying our code also includes the action of obtaining or using modified versions of our website and client, internally or externally.

Section 7: User Spam

When using the website in order to keep things clean we require that you (the user) do not partake in spamming, this includes but is not limited too: repetitive replies, repetitive forum posts, meaningless or giberish forum posts and replies, empty games, and more.

Section 8: Information Leaks

If you (the user) share photos, videos, audio, or text in relations to future plans, items, events, or updates onsite, ingame, or outside of Plastibuilds then our staff team reserves the right to deny you (the user) services to in any way we (the Plastibuilds team) deem fair.

Section 9: Personal Information

On it is strictly prohibited to share the personal information of yourself (the user) or the personal information of others, this includes but is not limited too: full names, last names, faces, addresses, IP addresses, emails, photos containing personal information, phone numbers, family information, and more. Any violation of this rule will result in a ban (denial of service) to the violator.

Section 10: User Advertising

It is strictly prohibited that you (the user) advertise on, advertising includes but is not limited too: sharing other services to other users, advertising unrelated social medias, and more.

Section 11: User Age

If you (the user) are not AT LEAST 13 years of age (or the age of digital consent in your country) then you are not allowed here on Plastibuilds AT MINIMUM until you are of the age required.

Section 12: Coinfarming

Coinfarming is the action of creating alternative accounts on our website and using said accounts as a way to add our digital currency (Plastibucks) to another account that is also owned by you (the user), the action of coinfarming is strictly phrohibited here at Plastibuilds and can result in one of the various types of punishments listed in section 1 of the Plastibuilds Terms of Service.

Section 13: Donations

In the event that you (the user) make a donation to, you are aknowledging that there will be no refunds or compensation (digital or physical) under any circumstances including but not limited too: the termination of your account, you (the user) receving a ban, accidental donations, the event of no longer offering services (shutting down), changing your mind on a donation, and more.

Section 13.1

If you (the user) are denied services (banned) or have your account deleted with an active membership (Plastibuilds Extreme) your membership time will not be paused, you will not receive any missed rewards, you will not be compensated, and you will not be able to transfer your membership status to a new account in the event that we ( allow you to create a new account.

Section 14: Advertisement Liability

When using the website you (the user) are aknowledging that all advertisements are run through our ad(vertisement) provider (adsterra) and any misleading or ill mannered ads you (the user) may encounter can and will not be held against under any circumstances as we can not fully controll what advertisements can and won't be shown all the time. It is the responsibility of you (the user) to determine if an advertisement (ad) is safe for you (the user) to click on. This section (section 14) does not mean that it is not important to us ( to provide a safe user experience and should not be determined as such, this section of the terms of service is for the user to aknowlege that on the chance they are shown or click on a misleading or ill mannered advertisement that can and will not be held accountable for any damages or issues that may occur.

Section 15: User Generated Content

When you (the user) upload any assets to, you are aknowledging that reserves the right to use your assets in any promotional material such as trailers, promotional art, social media posts, and other forms of media, assets are considered to be anything uploaded by the user such as cosmetics (shirts, pants, hats, bases, and/or holdables), game files, thumbnails, avatar combinations, and more.

Section 15.1

When you (the user) upload assets to you are aknowledging that our staff reserve the right to delete (remove) any assets (assets as defined in Section 15) you (the user) create for any reason deemed worthy, this also includes a staff member declining (not approving) a user made asset.

Section 16: Offsiting

In the event that you (the user) attempt to sell Plastibucks, Plastibuilds cosmetics in return for any form of payment or reward outside of our ( digital currency Plastibucks then the accounts of both parties will receive a ban (denial of service) with the time being determined by a member of our staff team.

Section 17: Account Sharing

In the event that you (the user) attempt or successfully share or sell your account (giving the login details to your account) then the accounts of both parties involved will be denied services (banned) from

Section 18: Our Code, Branding, and Assets

In the event that you (the user) are attempting to redistribute any form of our ( code, use any assets such as videos or images made by the Plastibuilds Staff Team, or our branding (such as but not limited too our logo(s) ) then your account may be subject to a ban or account deletion.

Section 19: What you own

When you (the user) upload an asset to (shirt, pants, hat, holdable, thumbnail, game file, ect) you are not able to take action against for using your assets, once you upload an asset to you still retain the rights to your work but you are not able to take action against as you have willingly allowed us to use your works on our site (

Section 20: "Limited Time" items

Limited timed items are items that go offsale at a specific date, these items are able to return at a later date for another period of time, previous owners of the item in the event it goes onsale for another period of time will not be compensated in any way unless otherwise stated.

Section 20.1:

All offsale dates for items are displayed in the CST timezone.

Section 21: Terms of Service Updates

It is the job of you (the user) to actively check back to here (the terms of service) to stay informed on any updates to our terms of service that may occur as time goes on, even if you (the user) do not read any future changes to our terms of service you are still required and expected to follow said changes to the Plastibuilds terms of service.

Last Updated: October 14th, 2023